Monday, December 13, 2010

 Gentle Reader! (Machine Project, 2007?), the "secret" collection of Romantic erasure poetry by Joshua Beckman, Anthony McCann, and Matthew Rohrer.

McCann explains, "The real collaborative interest that motivated each of us in these erasures is that we wanted to collaborate more intensely with these dead people, or with the language traces they’d left us. I say 'more intensely' because reading and writing one’s 'own' poems is, for me anyway, already collaboration with dead people. After all, the language was there before us," in an interview at The Kenyon Review. We can read the entire 2012 interview, with all three authors' perspectives, here. Visit Machine Project here, listen to some poems from the book here, read a passing reference here.


 Update:Gentle Reader is now available from Wave Books (2012?). Here's p.25:

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