Thursday, December 8, 2011

Gregory Betts' The Others Raisd in Me: 150 Readings of Sonnet 150 (Pedlar Press, 2009), 150 versions and permutations of Shakespeare's Sonnet #150. "The work examines ideas of selfhood from the 17th century into the present, flirting with a cyborgian future," here. Susan Holbrook describes the project as "push and pull, the simultaneity of inflation and infolding, spill and vacuum, all performing between the covers of a book which is itself both smaller and bigger than your standard poetry collection" here. More here. Betts' "plunderverse" project, here. More discussion & examples here, here, here, and here; more about Betts here.
See also this version by Trainwreck Press, here, and--of course--other Shakespearean experiments here.

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