Friday, March 22, 2013

A mixed-media miniature from Karen Green's "Tiny Stampede," here. Green explains, "I've been making this "found poetry" for years. I thought I invented it, but found out later I most definitely did not. Some of these are taken from a poetry anthology--I cut out just the first lines and spent an afternoon or two rearranging them. Then I got into a trance and cut those up and rearranged those. Trances are hard to come by these days; I am happy for those hours. And yes, "to give sorrow words", sneakily, using the words of others who tried to do the same," in an interview here (and also here).
Green's forthcoming book including similar visual/poetic work Bough Down (Siglio Press 2013), is an "unusual narrative constructed of crystalline fragments of prose interspersed with miniature collages." Some discussion of Bough Down here. See/read some images and excerpts here, here and here. More with Green here and here, a previous publication, Here/Gone (2008), here.

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