Sunday, October 5, 2014

E. M. M.'s  A Little White Shadow (Brown & Gross, 1889) 
Mary Ruefle's A Little White Shadow (Wave, 2006)

"A Little White Shadow, it turns out, is a book replicating—and containing—another book.... E.M.M. is Emily Malbone Morgan, a writer and philanthropist who wrote and self-published the novella A Little White Shadow, a Christian-themed inspirational tale of a young heiress summering in Italy, to raise money 'for the Benefit of a Summer Home / for Working Girls.'"

      —read the rest of my essay '"Destroying' the Text to Create the Poem" over at Post45. More images of Ruefle's work are here and here. Also, check out Mary Hickman's essay "Defaced/Refaced Books: the Erasure Practices of Mary Ruefle and Jen Bervin" over at Jacket2, here


  1. Little White Shadow was the first time I found myself taking erasure seriously -- it's a cool little book!

  2. Yes! It's a pretty amazing object, right? So glad you found it, Annette!