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detail from my woven broadside project


Community Chest (2016)
Community Chest (2016)

detail from Community Chest (2016)
Community Chest (2016). Artist's Book / Poetry Deck, Edition of 12. Ionized stock, rubber stamp.

Community Chest is a small (2x3") deck of cards meant to be held, shuffled, read, and re-read to create different combinations of the hand-printed phrases, leading to new poems and new understandings. The cards are a collection of iterations, questions, possibilities, and responses meant to rub against each other and change with each encounter. The Community Chest cards are hand-cut, hand-stamped, and presented in a card case. You can read some excerpts from Community Chest online, published in a recent issue of Yew: A Journal of Innovative Writing & Images by Women.

As I'm interested, too, in seeing how these incredibly tactile cards will play online, I'm planning to create an e-version of Community Chest where the cards will be randomly reshuffled upon each viewing.



Travelogue (2014)

Travelogue (2014)

interior view, Travelogue (2014)
Travelogue (2014). 1 of 1. Accordion book; paper with cardstock cover; string.


standing view, Alice's Alphabet (2010) -- photo credit USC Libraries

Alice's Alphabet (2010), edition of 8. A dos-à-dos book composed of lines from Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (Carlton House, undated). Paper, cardstock, thread.

Interior view, Alice's Alphabet (2010)


In Your Neighborhood (2009)
In Your Neighborhood (2009). Edition of 10. Flag book with language from Sean Bernard's short story "Neighborhood." Paper, glue, coverstock, household printer. Photos of homes on 3rd Street in La Verne, CA.

page spread, In Your Neighborhood (2009)


The Fatalist (2003)

The Fatalist, 2003. Edition of 75. Letterpressed broadside with a poem by Lyn Hejinian, signed by the author. To commemorate the author's reading at the University of Iowa. Image based on a painting by John Dilg. Printed at the University of Iowa Center for the Book.

detail, The Fatalist (2003)


Title Page, In Winter (2002)

In Winter (2002), a chapbook of six poems, handset and printed by the author at the University of Iowa Center for the Book. Letterpress, edition of 40, hand sewn. Green paper covers.



Retallack broadside (1999)

Letterpress broadside (1999), edition of 20. Text is taken from Joan Retallack's How to Do Things With Words (Sun & Moon, 1998), used without permission of the author. Letterpress, hand-carved blocks. Printed at UC Santa Cruz printshop.



Woven fragment (1997)

Woven fragment (1997). String, rope, floor loom. Honeycomb pattern.